Amibroker Data feed for nse , MCX Data feed
Amibroker Data Feed

by Arpita Mahato 

on May 3, 2020

What is Amibroker ?

Amibroker is a leading charting platform which is built for traders using technical analysis This software allows traders to create detailed graphs of the stock price and volume, and then carry out an analysis of the same. It uses Amibroker Formula Language or AFL use to create trading strategies, indicators on the platform. Though AFL is mainly used to historical data analysis, now a days many traders used for algorithmic trading too.

Amibroker is ideal for Charting platform for those who performing custom researches. The main features of this software are:

  1. It is Flexible and navigable user interface that can be arranged according to the individual Trader’s preference.
  2. Charts are present in beautiful styles and comes with an option of easy updating of data.
  3. Amibroker database stores its historical data and builds up charts accordingly. It also allows traders to back test their strategies using historical data.
  4. The software uses multiple time frames, including yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily charts, Intra-day charts, N-minute charts, N-second charts, N-tick charts, N-range bars, N-volume bars, etc.
  5. It comes with drawing tools, drag and drop tools and time frames, as well as built-in indicators.
  6. Trader can create their own trading strategies and write their own technical analysis formula.
  7. Multiple windows, panes, scales, intervals are possible at the same time, and can be scrolled/zoomed super-fast, thanks to multithreaded execution and rendering features.
  8. It can automate a trader’s routine via its integrated batch processor.